Cleveland Fire Protection


Cleveland Fire Alarm & Suppression Installation & Service

Fire and smoke damage can cause incredible damage to homes, businesses, property and human life. A fire can pose danger to human life, to to property and even to livelihoods, and can be very difficult to overcome. Catching a fire within the first five minutes is vital. That's why we install, maintain, service and repair the safest, most effective fire alarm and fire suppression systems available, so any fire that might threaten you, your property or your family or employees will be detected and put out before any serious damage can be done.

Cleveland Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Fire sprinklers systems are vital when it comes to protecting life and property. Sprinkler systems start fighting potentially dangerous fires instantly once detected, before the fire can spread and cause serious, even catastrophic damage.

Cleveland Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems have additional fire detection devices that discover an emerging fire before the sprinklers actually begin spraying water. As the fire activates the sprinklers the water will begin fighting the fire immediately.

Cleveland Clean Agent Installation

Certain equipment, areas and environments in businesses and even sometimes the home require special fire fighting solutions. Clean agent waterless fire protection systems fight emerging fires, but don't cause water damage to equipment or valuables that can be harmed as much by water as they can by smoke or fire. Such areas include communications hubs, computer rooms, libraries, important storage facilities, banks, hospitals, automotive bays, clean rooms, libraries, museums, and any other place where valuables must be protected from both fire and water damage. There are a number of different systems that use various chemicals such as Halon. Oxford Fire Protection will help you find and choose a system that is right for your unique situation.

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Established in 1986, R & R Mechanical, Inc. has established itself as a leading and reliable MBE & EDGE certified provider of commercial plumbing, industrial plumbing and fire protection services in the Cleveland, Akron & Canton OH areas. We employ licensed, insured and bonded plumbers with over 100 years of combined experience to ensure plumbing is done right the first time.

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